New Arts Centre/Theatre Building, Sundsvall

The key idea of this competition proposel is to extend the existing Kulturmagasinet vertikal. This creates a new element in the skyline of Sundsvall which is viewable from different location inside and outside the city. The aim is to get one new Cultural Center with a magnificent interior structure with views over the city and the sea an which is a symbol for the Culture of Sundvall.
The new Cultural Center is based on the old buildings of the existing Kulturmagasinet. The new Commercial district and a line of six buildings along the river shape a new urban square. Based on the historic map of Sundsvall we propose to change the coastline to get a direct connection between urban square and sea. In context with the new E4 road bridge and the building of the new underground parking the change seems to be possible. This new square is open to the sea with stairs along the borderline where the people of Sundsvall can sit.